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Winter Weather Energy Efficiency Tips

Winter Weather Energy Efficiency Tips Energy efficiency doesn’t have to break your budget. There are plenty of ways to conserve energy during the winter months. Keep your energy bill down this winter with these tips and tricks: Drape Delivery: Are you using your curtains to capture heat? Make sure drapes and shades are open to catch free solar heat during the day. Close them at night to keep the heat inside. Thermostat: Set your thermostat to 68°F (or lower if comfortable). Got tape? Though not as durable as foam, rubber, or vinyl, you can use non-porous tape (first aid...

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7 Points To Remember For First Responders

7 Points to Remember for First Responders When first responders show up at the scene of a vehicle accident that has occurred under a power line, their first thought isn’t always to check for a downed line. This could prove to be fatal for both responders and victims. A downed power line can cause an injury or fatality for up to 30 feet around the point of contact depending on various factors. Here are 7 things you should do if you are the first person to the scene of a vehicle crash that has hit or is under a...

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