Month: September 2016

Welcome To Unmetered Blog & Podcast

Welcome to Unmetered Podcast & Blog Here at Middle Tennessee Electric, we are constantly looking at new ways to provide information to our members and the communities that we serve, about things going on at the co-op. Our blog and podcast is our latest channel that members can get information from. “As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we exist solely to serve our members,” said Chris Jones, our  president and CEO. “We are hoping these new avenues of communication help us to further provide information to members and better engage with them.” We’re calling it “Unmetered.” We’ll cover important topics like electrical safety and energy...

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7 Points To Remember For First Responders

7 Points to Remember for First Responders When first responders show up at the scene of a vehicle accident that has occurred under a power line, their first thought isn’t always to check for a downed line. This could prove to be fatal for both responders and victims. A downed power line can cause an injury or fatality for up to 30 feet around the point of contact depending on various factors. Here are 7 things you should do if you are the first person to the scene of a vehicle crash that has hit or is under a...

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Cool Down Your Water To Save Money

Cool Down Your Water To Save Money Save yourself some money by setting your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees. One and two person households could further benefit by dropping their thermostat to 115 degrees. This helps cut down on the amount energy that you are using and helps prevent the corrosion of your pipes. Not only that, but a lower temperature will prevent any scalding when you turn the hot water on full blast. Let’s look first at the money benefits from turning down your thermostat. According to, you could be wasting about $400 per year. While...

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